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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where to get Natural, Local, Clean Foods in the Orlando Area

This blog is going to be an informative one!

What I wanted to do here was post a list of farms, vendors, local butches, and other links to help people around the Orlando area get some good stuff!

I've decided to eat clean, natural, and local as much as possible. I'd like to encourage everyone else to do the same. So here is a list of some places I've found that I love!

Lake Meadow Naturals - This is a local farm and I get all of my eggs here! They're a little low on beef right now because their cow's aren't ready but they have a lot of Berkshire pork and goat at the moment! I haven't had any of their chicken because they only sell whole chickens so I can't speak to that. I can say that everything else tastes great!

The Butchers Pantry - Recently found these guys at the Winter Garden Harvest Festival. Great local butchers making some amazing things! Their Texas sausage was PHENOMENAL.

Big Wheel Provisions - Not only a food truck but SO MUCH MORE. Bought some bacon from them this weekend and I am in love!

Wild Ocean Market - Fresh fish farmed out of the ocean here in Florida! Their shrimp is great and I am so excited to have a great local seller of FRESH fish.

Winter Park Dairy - Raw cheese maker here in Central Florida. Great stuff if you love cheese!

Bear Wolf Ranch - All Chicken all the time! They sell whole chickens as well as cuts of chicken (Breast and Thigh).

Farmers Market

Audubon Park Community Market -  Most of the people up there (pointing up) are here every Monday night in Down Town Orlando off of Bumby. I suggest you check it out!

Winter Garden Farmers Market - Small, local, and so worth it. Near and dear to my heart (smile).

There are more places but I only want to talk about places I have personal dealings with! Once I try more I will post more!

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