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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm sorry you can't be bothered to file paperwork. Not my problem.

I read Runner’s World magazine. Yeah its a little pleasure I have. I read like a fiend. I'm reading this month's issue and it has an article about a track team.

Now I read Runner’s World for tips and stories and silly things shoe reviews etc. This article is about two coaches at an Arizona high school. One of the coaches has been in the states 20 years illegally. He was pulled over, had no license because of a DUI in 2002, and they figured out he was illegal. Now, the team is protesting his arrest and people are very upset about the whole issue of his arrest. The article talks about the ice cold holding room and the hundreds of other men he had to share the cell with.

I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s been here 20 years and had all that time to file his paperwork and receive a resident alien status at minimum. Actually the kicker is he’s been married to a US citizen for 5 years and never initiated the paperwork for citizenship.

Why should I feel sorry for him? He has had 20 years to file his paperwork and get his ducks in a row.

Now, I’m not mean and I think that we need to offer more H1B visas and more options for people who may be here illegally. 20 years though? I don’t feel sorry for him.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I beat you evil sun!!

Just thought I'd share a little.

It's been very hot in Florida the past few days. During the day over 105 with the eat index!! (I feel for everyone in the NE right now who is going through that heat wave!)

I usually run at sundown, 8ish usually around here. While it was hot it was usually bearable and usually a bit of a breeze coming off of the manmade lake. Well, the past week it's been in the 90's at 10pm at night. Heat and I don't get along that well and when I ran last week in the heat I almost puked.

For those who don’t know heat sensitivity is a very common side effect of MS. It’s different for everyone but for me when I get overheated my old symptoms come to the forefront. My right side gets funky I get nauseated, dizzy and vertigo can set in. If I don’t watch myself I can get overheated pretty easily (like on a hike to a waterfall) so I try to listen to my body and rest if I need it.

I’m usually ok on my runs because I can immediately come inside and jump in a cold shower and as long as I’m dressed in running clothes I don’t get to hot. However, with the crazy heat and humidity this hasn’t been the case.

I decided that I needed to do something and usually that something means moving it inside. I go to the gym to do weight training and toning but I really hate running on a treadmill. My legs are a little funky and the treadmill forces your stride (how you run) so it always hurts my shins. Trying to avoid shin splints I did the elliptical. Not only did it hurt my shins but my right knee was protesting and it gave a little while exercising.

Needles to say I was getting a bit annoyed. lol

So today I get up early. 5am to be exact and figure I will run before the sun comes up. Now, I don't do this! Not normally but I think maybe this exercise is becoming an addiction for me.

But… I ran and it was great! Yes, it was still 90% humidity and 80 but it wasn't bad with no sun!! I think now I am going to have to run at the crack of dawn with my mace and hope for the best! lol