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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Everyone in the House is Crazy

Here are reasons that everyone (and every animal) in my house is crazy. It's a given I am and I suppose since it's my house that's why everything else is.

1. My mother finds important papers and throws them away.
I don't care if I hide them in a box in a file cabinet in my closet, she will find them. It's like some sort of GPS for important stuff she can throw away.

2. Kobe (my dog) has decided vegetables are better then meat.
He eats almost any type of vegetable he can get his little mouth on. Yes, I make sure it's nothing bad for dogs but I've never seen a dog so EXCITED to see Kale. I was washing some today and he was whining. I say "You wont like this" and give him a leaf. Which he gobbled up and asked for more. O.o The other dog Ben just stared at him like he was insane.

3. My mother gives very expensive food/nuts/my dinner to the dogs.
She loves the dogs. I love the dogs. However, she needs to stop giving my raw Macadamia nuts to them as treats. At 14 bucks a lb it's one of the most expensive dog treats ever. She also must stop boiling my free range chicken breast/grass fed beef for dog treats. I take it back the meat makes the most expensive dog treats ever.

4. The dogs sit in chairs.
Yes, I said that right. No need to explain.

5. My mother eats avocados and goji berries together.
Maybe it's good but it looks horrible and weird (laugh).

6. Creepy dog staring.
My mother walks the dogs all the time now. Great for her and the dogs. However, the dogs will come bac from their early morning walk, and if I'm not awake yet, proceed to sit as close as possible to the bed without actually touching it and just stare at me and breath o.o o.o <----dog eyes. It's like children of the corn but with dogs in my bedroom at 6am.

The list could be longer but I just heard a commotion in the kitchen and I think someone realized there is a bowl of freshly washed bowl of kale on the kitchen island.