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Monday, August 8, 2011

This to do on a Slow Day at Work

Take a Nap

You can take a nap in many places at work! The most straightforward place to take a nap would be in your chair. The problem with this option is that many people can see you if you have a cube (if you have an office this does not apply). Under-the-desk sleeping is trite and uncomfortable. The best place to nap at work is in the bathroom! Plop yourself on a seat and just lean into the wall! Tada! Nap-time can commence.

This also solves the problem of someone seeing you. If anyone comes looking for you in the bathroom they either have some personal problems that should be addressed by HR or you’re the president of the United States. If you are the President, I say you schedule in naptime.

Marshmallow Painting (aka Mallography)

This is a new art form that was invented by coworkers and me. See, I have a marshmallow shooter. However, it makes a very loud noise and we thought that maybe if we shot someone in the face at 40feet/min even if it was a fluffy marshmallow, that it might hurt them. My friend Ada Mant started it with the Death Mark Mallow. As you can see the collection has grown.

The art of Mallow Painting is called mallography and I am the chief mallographer here.


Really no explanation needed right?

Top 10 List Creation

These lists can be used in future blogs. Try it it’s fun. “Top 10 things that annoy me” “Top 10 people I think might be serial killers”. Try it!

Graphic Artist Harassment

I find that they are more then willing to help with this, if they are not busy. Look I am an ELF!

Gather a Disturbingly Large Collection of Monkeys

The stuffed animals will entertain you and you can put on puppet shows!

I hope this gives you a few ideas of what you can do on those slow days at work!