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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Whole MONTH!

Wow, June has been crazy! I just got the desire to blog and looking at my last post I realize it's been a month! How crazy is that!

The month of June has been crazy for me personally. I'll do a quick rundown and then I'll blog more about my fitness and diet stuff as time allows!

1 - Florida is hot. REALLY HOT and I lost AC for about three weeks. Now, when you have MS no AC in Florida = torture. Luckily it's fixed now and the sweet good of cold air favors me again! Do not anger this person!

2 - Florida is also full o'rain. Rain rain rain this month. So much rain that On June 25th I got a little flooded. YAY. No AC and Flooding. Hmmm

3 - June 25th was also my birthday YAY. No AC and Flooding on my birthday. Hmmmm

4 - I have been diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck. SO, on June 21st I had my first PT appointment. Where I found out that my shoulders are all kinds of fucked up because of pain (I was electrocuted that day to try to make the muscles behave), I can't run until we get it fixed (because of compression), and I'm going to have PT every Monday and Wednesday until the end of the world (which is Dec 21st). That was a busy Thursday.

5 - I'm on a new project at work! This is good because now I have something to do at work! Yay!! This is very exciting for me!

6 - I have proof I live in hell (floodings, fire, and no ac).

WHEW what a busy June!

I've also been continuing on with my whole, nutritious, and locally grown foods lifestyle. It makes me feel 'so' much better. I'm also going to post a review of a book I just read called It Starts With Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. I also got a fitbit and will be talking about that.

This second half of 2012 should be exciting for me!

Have I ever mentioned MS doesn't like stress....yeah (smile).