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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Things not to say to people with MS, people with cancer, or just people in general

Yes, it's me - alive and fighting my leukemia. I am legally blind at the moment because of low platelets (these cool things that make your blood clot) and retinal hemorrhaging (cause eyes don't like to bleed). So I haven't blogged in awhile. Things are a tiny bit better and I have the screen magnified and I felt like blogging.

I'll get more into the craziness of what's going on but for now here is my list.

  1. "You don't look sick." Well you don't look stupid - yet here we are. No, you're right I'm lying about being sick and not working because it's fun
  2. "Chemo doesn't work for cancer. The only thing that works is..." which is followed by ionized water or a vegan diet or something else their mothers sisters friend heard of once. Just stop and be quiet. 
  3. "It must be nice to be able to sleep all day" Hows this. You get my cancer and then I get to work and not sleep all day. 
  4. "I know just how you..." Just stop. No you don't know how I feel. Unless you have MS or Cancer or something similar you have no idea. Don't say it. 
  5. I wont talk about anything else but your cancer every time I see you. Please, change the subject. We like talking about other things. 
Now I'm tired so I'm done with my list (smile).