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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gonna Make Some Flour

Weird huh? Yep I am going to try to make flour in my Ninja. Yes, I have a Ninja kitchen system. Yes, the Ninja from the infomercial. For those of you who are not familiar with the Ninja this is what it looks like.

I do realize I should take a picture of my own Ninja but it is 6:45am as I write this. If I go out to my kitchen now to pull out the Ninja my lovely boxer dogs will decide it's time to wake up. Once this happens mayhem will ensue. 

This includes running in the yard, wanting to eat lizards, and trying to sit on me to squish me. So, this morning after the mayhem I will post some pictures of me making flour. It's also not nice to make flour so early that I scare sleeping Korean women. 


What kind of flour am I going to make? Masa flour! I'm making pupusas today. Well, I'm going to attempt to make pupusas today. Pupusas are dish from El Salvador. I got exposed to them by a co-worker and I wanted to see if I could make it myself. I mistakenly bought Masa that wasn't fully flour and I'm going to use my Ninja to make it into flour. Hopefully this works (laugh). If not it's off to the grocery store with me. 

I will chronicle my attempts later on!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Korean Half of Me is Trying to Kill Me (as Koreans do)

I'm resting. I'm resting because I'm sick with because Aug - January stress is very bad for people who have MS. My arm got angry and tried to rip itself off of my body but after a couple of weeks of negotiation talks, I believe it's staying, my eyes freaked out on me but they've calmed down. The fatigue monster is alive and well jumping around in my body but he and I have an agreement so we're cool for the moment. I'm not sure why I'm not hungry and talks between my tongue and stomach seem to be ongoing.

So, I am resting until the negotiations have ceased. Since then I've been doing things like reading, blogging, catching up on movies I've meant to see, and watching awesome giant squid documentaries on the discover channel. WOW did you SEE that thing? Go watch it now!

My Korean side finds this all very lazy, a waste of time, and that I should be doing something like rock climbing or working four jobs. OK, I agree that I would like something to do but I can't do anything too crazy or all my MS symptoms might start blasting again at full force. I will go for a walk with the dogs (not run 3 miles like I was) and I love my dogs but they're not all that interesting walking in a circle. My mind has decided that gardening would be great.

This will be the type of raised bed planter that will be in my back yard.

But now it's building a raised bed planter, making sure I'm all organic, and finding ways to get rid of bugs... (sigh). So, I've enlisted a bit of help and they're going to build a gardening box for me (smile).

My Korean side does not like this and wants me to put it together myself. However my white side is going to win this argument. I can do some simple gardening but not actually build a box like a construction worker.

Stay tuned for pictures of my new and awesome veggie garden (laugh).  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Must Buy MREs or Stop Watching This Show

What happens when you're sick and at home? You watch a lot of TV. I have been watching Doomsday Preppers. For those who are not familiar with the show it's about people who think the world is going to end in one way or another. Because the world is going to end, they are getting ready for it by prepping. This means having food, guns, ammo, animals, places to go, and they have some elaborate plans.

I thought it was funny at first. Some of these people are really out there, like the father that keeps his children umbilical cords preserved with herbs and tree bark so he can give them to them once they have passed their "right of passage" (slow blink). However, (looking around paranoid like) I find myself slowing thinking "Well, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some food in the house just to be safe".

Now in my defense and before you start calling me nuts, I don't think the world is going to end but I do think that I should do something because I live in a hurricane zone. I'm not talking about setting up a fort but maybe having a few weeks of food in the event that we have a hurricane.

MAYBE I looked at how to preserve 50 lbs of rice (maybe) and maybe I also looked at freezed dried food and MREs...but I'd never do that. Maybe I also thought about how to keep my Paleo diet if it were the end of the world.



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MS and Crazy Weird Things

MS is a fun disease which has no rhyme or reason, can be different from one day to another, and can be different from person to person. Me and most of my MSy friends (KC 11 REPRESENT!) are doing fine with our MS. We all have our problems of course but we live well, enjoy our lives, and are positive people.

We're kinda like this maybe a bit louder.
I'm out of work for at least six weeks. Why you ask? Cause I'm sick. This is the really fun part of MS when you get sick for no reason. The worst thing? You don't look sick. Yes it's one of those catch 22 situations. You're sick and want to work but you don't look sick and can't work. So, everyone judges you and you get to feel even worse about not working and being sick. 

I have a bad habit of pushing myself to much. This last time I kept pushing and my eyes finally checked out. That means I get this awesome double vision that looks like a bad TV screen that's not in tune. I also know that a lot of younger people wont remember rabbit ears on a TV set. Look it up it's funny. 

I also have a habit of telling people that I'm fine. I don't know if it's because I've been taught not to seem week (thank you Asian upbringing) or if I just don't want people in my business, but I never ask for help and I'm always "fine". 

My boyfriend has now started asking follow-up questions. Goes like this: "How are you today?" 
"I'm fine."
"Oh OK." We talk about something else. 
"So, how are you really?"
This gets me to laugh a little and tell him what's really going on. When we first started dating he would get upset because I'd need help or be sick and he had no Idea. I'm working on that and he asks follow-ups now to help me (smile)

For the past few days I've been in a tremendous amount of pain. My shoulder, and more specifically my rotator cuff was irritated. What this means to me is that it feels like my arm is going to rip itself out of it's socket. I also can't sleep, move, type, scratch my nose...

I hate taking narcotics but on Saturday when I could not sleep or find a sitting, standing, or laying position without pain I went to the Emergency Clinic. I got some strong anti-inflammatory and some pain medication. Narcotic of course. 

Fast forward five days later and I can sleep and scratch my nose! I should have put my stubbornness behind me and asked for help earlier. So, I have decided to ask for more help and admit I'm sick and suffering from pain and fatigue and other MS crap. I'm still happy and in a good mood and I know this will pass and I'll be back at it like I was before. For now though it's OK to rest. Just like if I had the flu the only difference is that no one else can see this illness.

Don't judge me to harshly people who don't know what's going on with me and I'll try to do the same for you.