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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Korean Half of Me is Trying to Kill Me (as Koreans do)

I'm resting. I'm resting because I'm sick with because Aug - January stress is very bad for people who have MS. My arm got angry and tried to rip itself off of my body but after a couple of weeks of negotiation talks, I believe it's staying, my eyes freaked out on me but they've calmed down. The fatigue monster is alive and well jumping around in my body but he and I have an agreement so we're cool for the moment. I'm not sure why I'm not hungry and talks between my tongue and stomach seem to be ongoing.

So, I am resting until the negotiations have ceased. Since then I've been doing things like reading, blogging, catching up on movies I've meant to see, and watching awesome giant squid documentaries on the discover channel. WOW did you SEE that thing? Go watch it now!

My Korean side finds this all very lazy, a waste of time, and that I should be doing something like rock climbing or working four jobs. OK, I agree that I would like something to do but I can't do anything too crazy or all my MS symptoms might start blasting again at full force. I will go for a walk with the dogs (not run 3 miles like I was) and I love my dogs but they're not all that interesting walking in a circle. My mind has decided that gardening would be great.

This will be the type of raised bed planter that will be in my back yard.

But now it's building a raised bed planter, making sure I'm all organic, and finding ways to get rid of bugs... (sigh). So, I've enlisted a bit of help and they're going to build a gardening box for me (smile).

My Korean side does not like this and wants me to put it together myself. However my white side is going to win this argument. I can do some simple gardening but not actually build a box like a construction worker.

Stay tuned for pictures of my new and awesome veggie garden (laugh).  

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