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Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Dragon is Bullshit

Here I am hanging out at the hospital (I'll explain that in a minute) and I've decided that the ride I'm on is bullshit. So, I've been sick lately for months actually, and I chalked it all up to MS. Fatigue, dizzy, nausea, and feeling weak are par for the course with MS and while this was much worse I just thought it was stress.

On June 2 I'm watching Game of Thrones just chillin out (I wont spoil it for people who have not seen it) and I felt like I had something in my throat so I coughed. Well look at that... blood. Now the week before I had taken aspirin for a fever and I'm pretty sensitive to aspirin so I though OK I got a bloody nose. A few minutes after that I happened again, huh. Still thinking it was a bloody nose I ignored it thinking it would go away. Then it happened a third time, this time I blew my nose to see if I could get blood to come out of my nose. No such luck. I freaked out and decided I was going to the ER.

Now, I almost didn't go to the ER I thought it was fine and that it was just the aspirin but something told me to go. I will spare you the long story of the ER and getting moved to a second hospital but after running blood tests I had a platelet count of 10 and a White Blood Count of 1.1. I was transferred to MD Anderson with suspected aplastic anemia.

I get to this new hospital and I don't have aplastic anemia. I have Leukemia. Yep, I said it Leukemia.

This is a bunch of bullshit. Yes I said it bullshit! How the fuck did THAT happen? I'm on this crazy ride of life but this ride is starting to piss me off. I know worse things can happen and I know life isn't supposed to be easy but holy shit.

I've been in the hospital since June 2nd and I'll be here for a few more weeks. My numbers have to come up before they'll let me go home but on the positive side I have a "good" leukemia APML and it's very treatable. So, I'm doing my chemo like a good girl (did you know they use arsenic ) and sitting in my hospital bed.

I love my life but I would like to get off this particular ride.  How about a lazy river ride?