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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I just happen to have MS.

I haven't spoken about my MS in awhile. I was reading someone’s discussion about their MS and it rubbed me the wrong way. So, I wanted to talk about my MS a little bit more here in the hopes that it adds a bit of light to someone.

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) on September 8 2009. The diagnosis came after I had some vision issues. MS has affected my life but in general, life is the same as it was before my diagnosis.

I get fatigued and I have little aches and pains and dizzy but those things happened before my diagnosis. My diagnosis date did not mark a point in which all of a sudden my MS got worse. I had MS for years before my diagnosis and giving a name to my disease with a date of diagnosis has not made it any worse. I would like to bring up a few points related to this.

I am not trying to get on disability. My diagnosis is not an instant signal that I need to be on disability. I still work a full time job that I enjoy. Do I get fatigued sometimes? Yes but that happened before too, do I get headaches or dizzy? Yes but again, those symptoms happened before my diagnosis. Just because I have MS does not mean I cannot work.

Overall, I’m fine. Yes, overall I’m fine. I get sick sometimes a little dizzy if I’m over tired, fatigued, and sometimes some pain but overall fine. I could complain about every little thing that happens to me but there is no reason to do that. You work around your limitations not focus on them and complain about them. Many people have trials to deal with such as arthritis, cancer, and a multitude of other chronic problems.  I’m not the only one out there with a chronic disorder. It is annoying but it’s something we all deal with.

I could sit here, whine, and complain. I could cry and lay down in bed all day. I could wax poetic and ask “Why me” until I work myself up in a tizzy. My choice and yes it is a choice is to be proactive in the management of my disease and to live on Sept 9 2009 as I did on September 7 2009 the day before my diagnosis.

You can whine, complain, and give up or you can try to find a work around to live the best life you can.

Everyone has bad days. Everyone feels sorry for themselves from time to time but that is no way to live. Why someone would chose to live like that is beyond me.  

I have a full and fulfilling life. I have fun and I do things I want to do. I have a boyfriend and some great friends around me. I travel, I run, and play the guitar. I take care of my two crazy Boxers and go shopping in my spare time while trying to get to my art class.

I just happen to have MS