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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Winter Garden Harvest Festival

I had a great time at the Winter Garden Harvest Festival this year! It was a little drizzly at first but I stuck it out and I'm so glad I did. I met some awesome people and a group of Central Florida Food bloggers.

The first person I met form this group was Katie Jasiewicz she is the blogger behind KatiesCucina.com. She welcomed me with open arms an was so friendly! Today was a national food bloggers bake sale (this was amazing to me), with all of the proceeds going to fight childhood hunger in the US. I was so excited that I bought yummy treats from everyone there. 

Here is a list of those I met! If I missed anyone I apologize in advance! 

Julie Tran Deily from thelittlekitchen.com
Wanda Lopez from mysweetzepol.com
Julia Montgomery Stewart from livepretty.com
Marilyn Torres from forkful.net
Robin Wilson from simplysouthernbaking.com
Suzanne from kokocooks.com  (who I'm sending a bulgogi recipe to!) 

All of these blogs are worth the read as well a a group of amazing ladies!