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Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Like a Runner

I’m a runner now (that’s weird to say)… well to be honest I suppose I’ve been a runner for awhile. I’ve done five 5k’s this year and I plan on a few more before the year is up. Huh, look at that I guess I really am a runner. I had planned on doing some longer races but foot issues and other random issues have stopped me.

Not a running related injury mind you. Somehow, I sliced my right foot open. I actually think it was a gnome that ran by my foot with a small knife because I have no other explanation! All I know is that I was ‘OK’ then I went to Universal to watch a movie and then BAM horrible bleeding/pain. Hm, maybe it’s some kind of Universal Studios trap. So, no 10k or 15k for me yet this year and I probably won’t until next year.

What’s the crazy part you ask? I run, isn’t that crazy enough? No? Oh, ok well then I guess there is something else. I somehow thought it would be a good idea to run a Marathon for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). Yes a marathon is long but I know I can do it. Heck if I can do 10 miles in the Florida heat I can do anything. Right? Yeah…

Oh, what marathon? Hm, well the Boston Marathon (Aha, there is the crazy!). Yes, that is what I said the Boston Marathon. Now, I can’t qualify for it, I’m not that fast yet, but you can put in an application with the Boston Chapter of the NMSS and if they approve your application you get a cool number and you get to run.

I haven’t been given a number (yet) but I am in the running for a number at the moment. If I get it, I will run the Boston Marathon in April! Either way I’m starting my Marathon training this weekend because I am running a Marathon next year! If it’s not Boston It will be another.
So, I suppose that I am crazy but after everything I’ve been through ankle surgery, chronic illness, and all kinds of other issues - I am going to run!

So here’s to being crazy like a runner and to starting the long process of marathon training! If anyone would like to join me in Boston and throw oranges at me as I run, or yell at me so I don’t stop, you’re more than welcome to join me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Things that annoy me - Part 1 (and there are many parts trust me)

“What prompted this blog?” you may ask yourself. Believing that I should answer the obvious before going into the rant I have in mind I thought I would answer you my fine internet friends. Randomly, the wrong bounce fabric softener was bought at the store. I don’t think much of it and decide to use it and buy the kind I usually use next time.

Yesterday, as I’m cooking I smell this overwhelming rotten flower smell. I’m like what IS that? I realize that it’s my clothes. Do people like to smell like rotten flowers?

Why do we feel like everything has to smell like flowers and fairy farts for it to qualify as clean? Can’t it just smell ‘clean’? “Clothes Line Fresh” why don’t you just hang your clothes on a clothes line if you want that? I don’t like having to scour the isles for lotions that don’t make me want to puke in order to find some moisturizer for my hands.

Then I go to the store today and I am almost blown back in the grocery isle picking out peppers because the woman next to me has dumped a whole bottle of perfume on her head. This made me ponder other annoying things that people do while I was searching for peppers that weren’t smashed.

So, here’s another list.
  1. I don’t want to be able to smell you from across the parking lot. Stop bathing in your perfume/cologne/body spray or whatever it is you’re soaking in. 
  2. If you walk past an area in the store and I can still smell you five minutes after - see the second part of #1.
  3. DON’T let your little juvenile delinquents smash the produce in the grocery store. SOME of us want to buy green peppers that haven’t been massacred. It also does things like make the poor produce man apologize and go in the back and pull out a box of new peppers for me.
  4. Control your little felons in the making. I also wanted to buy tomato sauce without having to watch a cart with kids vs. tomato sauce accident. It also makes me feel like I have to do something to help the injured children.
  5. Don’t sneak up behind me while I’m backing out of a parking space and put your cart there little grocery store cart man. I have a SUV and I can’t see the little carts that you’ve put on my bumper. As well, apologizing by saying “Don’t worry there is no damage” is not an appropriate answer.
  6. Don’t walk out in front of me then stop and stare at me. I am not going to run you over. If you were worried about me running you over, why did you walk out in front of me in the first place?
  7. If you are a cop and you are participating in a speed trap. Walking out in front of someone who is speeding with your hand out is probably a bad idea. Also, don’t look shocked when that person has to slam on their breaks. You’re a cop but you’re not superman. If the car is speeding already why do you think he/she will see you in time to stop?
  8. Yes, girls play computer games. Yes, girls who don’t look like dorks play computer games. No, I don’t want to discuss computer games with you for 20 minutes. This is why I say I’m buying the games for my boyfriend. You weird guys make me lie…
  9. I haven’t talked to you in a year. Please stop texting me.
  10. Don’t randomly show up at my house at 11pm and bang on my door like the cops unless you think I’m dead. Saying I didn’t answer my phone at 10:30 isn’t a reason to think I’m dead. Especially if I spoke to you that morning.