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Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Like a Runner

I’m a runner now (that’s weird to say)… well to be honest I suppose I’ve been a runner for awhile. I’ve done five 5k’s this year and I plan on a few more before the year is up. Huh, look at that I guess I really am a runner. I had planned on doing some longer races but foot issues and other random issues have stopped me.

Not a running related injury mind you. Somehow, I sliced my right foot open. I actually think it was a gnome that ran by my foot with a small knife because I have no other explanation! All I know is that I was ‘OK’ then I went to Universal to watch a movie and then BAM horrible bleeding/pain. Hm, maybe it’s some kind of Universal Studios trap. So, no 10k or 15k for me yet this year and I probably won’t until next year.

What’s the crazy part you ask? I run, isn’t that crazy enough? No? Oh, ok well then I guess there is something else. I somehow thought it would be a good idea to run a Marathon for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). Yes a marathon is long but I know I can do it. Heck if I can do 10 miles in the Florida heat I can do anything. Right? Yeah…

Oh, what marathon? Hm, well the Boston Marathon (Aha, there is the crazy!). Yes, that is what I said the Boston Marathon. Now, I can’t qualify for it, I’m not that fast yet, but you can put in an application with the Boston Chapter of the NMSS and if they approve your application you get a cool number and you get to run.

I haven’t been given a number (yet) but I am in the running for a number at the moment. If I get it, I will run the Boston Marathon in April! Either way I’m starting my Marathon training this weekend because I am running a Marathon next year! If it’s not Boston It will be another.
So, I suppose that I am crazy but after everything I’ve been through ankle surgery, chronic illness, and all kinds of other issues - I am going to run!

So here’s to being crazy like a runner and to starting the long process of marathon training! If anyone would like to join me in Boston and throw oranges at me as I run, or yell at me so I don’t stop, you’re more than welcome to join me.

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