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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mutual of Omaha is the Spawn of Satan

Ok, I have to express my hate (yes I said hate) of Mutual of Omaha. I had short and long term disability through my employer. The company is Mutual of Omaha. I have been out of work since January and I have been fighting with them for 8 months. Yes 8 months. I have Cancer and I wonder to myself - If cancer does not qualify me for disability I'm not sure what would qualify me. Dismemberment? Coma?

The person handling my case even asked me to prove I had cancer BEFORE I was diagnosed with cancer. Really? Is that really something you JUST said to me? OH WAIT duh I forgot I was diagnosed months ago! I forgot to tell you.

You caught me Mutual of Omaha. I'm just a lazy leach trying to feed off your insurance company. I've done this by somehow giving myself Leukemia, almost bleeding to death, and now having needles shoved into my eyeballs for fun. Who needs to be able to go outside and see the sun and interact with other humans. Not me!

Also, I got myself this cool new thing called a catheter that goes into my heart so they can poison me easier. Woo hoo you're right this is SO MUCH BETTER then using my MASTERS degree to work for a living. I mean ya know IV chemo and chemo pills that are slowly stealing my vision is SO MUCH BETTER then working.

Ya know...working? My career that I spent six years growing? Ya know that one that has been on hold since January? Yes, being so broke that I can't think of anything BUT money is so much better then working at a job I loved with the skills I have been building for six years with my Masters Degree that I went through years of school for.

Yep, that's me trying to defraud you Mutual of Omaha with my silly cancer problems.

Never do business with these people.