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Monday, May 14, 2012

Leptin Reset Week 3 and CPAP madness!

Well 3rd week on Leptin and really it's more of a way of life now. BTW I'm trying to find a good source for my chorizo habit. Any ideas people? I digress.I feel tons better and it's easy to eat this way but I didn't know how much it was doing until Sunday. 

I watched my friend do a Triathlon on Sunday - Well at least part of one. What this means is that was supposed to go in the am, my phone didn't alert me to her texts, then I got all of them at once (from her and the hubby). So, I quickly shoved some food in my mouth and ran out the door. 

This means I didn't get my allotted amount of protein and WOO I could tell. By 11 when we were getting food I felt like I could eat a horse. Then that evening I was so hungry I couldn't think straight! 

Leptin does something if nothing but keep me full!  

As for this CPAP Business - I'm not sure it's helping at all. From what I've heard most people report that it makes them feel better almost immediately. I haven't felt any better. I thought I did a bit on the first day but that's quickly gone away. Maybe this takes longer then I thought; or whatever other excuse can be thrown in here, but I'm not so happy with this crap. If it's not going to help me then I don't want to strap a mask to my face very night. 

Yes, I have been doing it every night religiously. Since my doctor decided not to share my results or talk to me about this "AT ALL" I don't know what the sleep study report said. I have to wonder how sever they think it is and if I even need this machine. 

I still haven't made my shopping bag. Even though I've been trying every night. Who can have hobbies when you have things like Triathlons and farmers markets to worry about (smile)?

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