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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Leptin Reset Week Two

Here I am two weeks post starting the leptin reset and I am happy to report a few things.

First off - I haven't had a craving for carbs at all. Now when I say that you must understand how amazing this is for me. Previously I could eat a sack-o-peanut butter cups. Not a joke a whole SACK. I've had a compulsive eating problem most of my life that I have slowly gotten control of. However, I still struggled with some trigger foods now and then. Such as peanut butter cups! But who can deny themselves of peanut butter cups and ice cream forever I ask?!!

If there was a peanut butter cup in my house (or ice cream) it would be eaten with a flourish of nomnomnom. Now, not only have I no desire to go buy some peanut butter cups but I have four pints of ice cream sitting in my freezer. Two I'm not sure how they got there and I'm contemplating that there is a literal ice cream fairy leaving ice cream in my fridge. The other two are the new Ben & Jerry's frozen Greek yogurt that I've wanted to try. I bought them and I've had no desire to eat them.

This is akin to blind people being able to see again in my weird compulsive overeating mind.

Second awesome thing is that I feel 'amazing'. Other then the fact I have MS and I suppose sleep apnea (mumbling and that will be another post) I feel amazing. The food is doing something. If it's the lower carb count that naturally happens or the fact that it's not as processed, I don't know, but I feel better.

Here's a fun little story. Friday night I was tired and didn't want to cook. Work has been stressing me out lately and that makes me very tired. So, I come home tired and my mother wants to order food. I make a compromise and get some chicken and pizza. I figure I can eat the chicken without to many issues and she can have some pizza.

Now the pizza had cheese, sausage, onions, and bell peppers on it. I picked off some of the cheese because I wanted to try it without eating any crust. Pizza is always one of those things I eat just because it's full of grease and pizzay (the fast food type like Pizza Hut at least. There are some great artesional pizzas out there that are amazing!). The toppings I picked off tasted horrible. The chicken was even worse.

For those of you who think there is no taste difference in free range chicken and grass fed beef, you are mistaken! I was absolutely shocked at how horrible this was. I had to throw it away I couldn't eat it at all.

I took a trip to the farm on Saturday and decided not to waste my money anymore on food delivery!

Week Two of the leptin reset has gone well and whatever is causing the cravings to go away, leptin or not, it's a great side effect!

I must say that I'm loving this and I'm feeling great! Week two has been a huge success!

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