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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oven Booby Traps

In my previous post I spoke about my new cast iron pan and how I had a great dinner with my sweetie. Let me now tell you what happened while I was trying to make this dinner.

I'm preheating my oven to 425 to pre-roast my chicken before I put it into my dutch oven. While I'm waiting for it to preheat I start chopping onions, bacon, and shallots. Then, I smell something odd...I open the oven and the first thought in my head was FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

My mother (who I love SO MUCH) had put pans in the oven. Now, the pans are fine and the heat wouldn't have bothered them but the green plastic Tupperware container was not so lucky.

Oh yes, my 4 gallon green Tupperware bowl was in there (I don't know why I didn't ask) and sexily melting into the bottom of the oven. Sort of like a Salvador Dali "Melting Clocks" but much more ethereal and the smell was horrible. So, I'm yelling for help, which my mother ignores until I tell her the oven is on fire. This was not true but it got her moving!

It's a good thing that we have industrial fans in the house (we owned a dry cleaners for over 20 years - yes we're those Korean people) because the smell was insane. I really thought I was going to have to cancel dinner plans and just take my boyfriend out. Miracles of miracles though we got the smell out and after a lot of scraping and cleaning of melted plastic, I was able to put my chicken in the oven.

The chicken was fab, everything else I wanted to cook didn't work out so well, and I couldn't make my Quinoa salad (laugh). However, it was still yummy and my guy liked it!

Moral of the story? Don't store expensive plastic Tupperware in the oven OR let other people in the house know that you are storing expensive plastic Tupperware in the oven.

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