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Monday, May 21, 2012

Le Cre what?

Le Creuset is a very well known name in cast iron. They are well know for it and have been manufacturing cast iron for decades. I was in the market for one of their enameled cast Iron dutch ovens and I was going to get one! I went to the local store and...after looking at and handling their product - I didn't see what warranted an over 300 dollar price tag.

Not ready to plop down that much money I walked away dejected. I started looking around at what people were saying about Le Creuset and other brands. Was Le Creuset really worth that price tag?

After reading many posts, comparisons, and opinions I realized two things: 1) People were very enamored with Le Creuset and had very good things to day about it. 2) Most of those same people said that there was lower cost versions that were just as good as Le Creuset.

These facts lead me to lodges cast iorn. I saw a side to side comparison of the two and honestly there was no difference in the quality of the food cooked in the pan or in the craftsmanship of the pan. This past week I bought a 6quart red enameled cast iron dutch oven from Lodges.

The first time I used it was this past Saturday. I made Coq Au Vin for my boyfriend and let me tell you, the pan is amazing. I had no problems with it at all and the food came out perfect.

I even made the meal all Paleo and my guy didn't even know (smile). For everyone trying to do Paleo and who like to cook, investing in a dutch oven is well worth it! The tastes brought out in the cooking were amazing.

I had a wonderful night with my honey and a great meal thanks to my new dutch oven! 

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