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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Domestic? MOI?!

I never bring plastic bags to the local farmers market. I have this awesome canvas bag from Whole Foods that I use. Well, I want a new bag! I was looking online and do you know for a bag like that it's expensive?! (mock shocked look on face)

This leads me to a project. I am going to make a couple of shopping bags! My mother has been a seamstress for over 50 years (not an exaggeration) and I can sew. Why I've never done it before? I don't know. My mother doesn't like it when I sew. I think she doesn't want me to be a seamstress. Which is fine, I don't want to be a seamstress either, but it can save money and the environment! So, this evening I will attempt to make a bag I saw a pattern for on-line.

I guess this is me getting domestic. Not sure I want to be domestic...

I will show you the results. Mwhahahahaha.

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