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Monday, May 7, 2012

What's Worse - No Work or to Much Work?

Would you rather have no work and just float through the day or to have so much work you can't breathe? I like work! Work work work work. I'd rather the day fly by then have no work and sit here and count the ceiling tiles.

BTW the ceiling tiles in my build are 28 X 19 not taking into account beams and quarter tiles.

I'm not sure if this is from the MS or if it's just me but I get tired, and when I have nothing to stimulate my mind, I get really tired. This leads to me wanting to put my head down on my desk and take a nap! We can't take naps at work.

I mean I guess I could nap but then I wouldn't have a job. Which leads to bad things like no house or food. I want to avoid that at all costs. I like buying my artesian sausage like a bourgeois hippy thank you! Yes I know what I am!!

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