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Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 2015 Horror Block Unboxing - Spoilers!

Ready for a totally different unboxing that is 100% not beauty related? I hope so because this is my Unboxing of the January 2014 Horror Block. Horror Block is a Horror (how many times can I type that?) related subscription box. The box includes four to five horror related items (like a PoP doll) and a t-shirt (male or female in various sizes – your choice) for $19.99 plus shipping (dependent on where you are). Horror Block is a box offered by Nerd Block. They also offer a Nerd Block, Nerd Block Jr. for boys, and a Nerd Block Jr. for girls. Check them out here https://www.nerdblock.com/horror. Again, I pay for this subscription with my own money and I don’t get anything from the link above. 

Now onto all the things! 

This month’s box contained not one but two t-shirts! I love these t-shirts (I’m a dork). The first is this creepy clown with the caption “Normal People Scare Me’ and this lovely Good Guy shirt (Chucky for those who are unfamiliar). These are very colorful shirts but I will say I’m not that happy with the silkscreen on them. It seems a bit low quality to be honest. I’m not expecting perfection but if it’s a choice between a higher quality black and white shirt or a low quality color shirt – I’d rather have the black and white shirt. I’ll see how these do in the wash but I’m not expecting the images to last. A bit of a disappointment from the quality of the black and white shirts I’ve been receiving. 

This Living Dead Dolls Pink Posey figure is awesome. I really love the look of her and her details – all the way down to the little rose. I’m a dork and she’s already on display. 

We also got two MadBalls. These are balls that you can bean people with or just display (my dogs want to eat them). Ok, let me go off track for a second. They came in those plastic ball containers. I remember these from childhood where you put a quarter in and then you get a surprise out of the machine. Who the hell made these though? Two adults couldn’t get them apart and we literally had to use a hammer. What kid could open these? I digress. 

The two I received were Brain Rot and Deck Head. I like them but like I said they remind me of the 25 cent toys you can get out of a vending machine. 

Next we have the Twilight Zone Comic. I love comics but this isn’t a great addition for me. 

And last but not least an issue of Rue Morgue which is a magazine about the Horror Genre. 

So, this box was just OK. I’m really thinking of canceling my subscription because I pay $29.99 with shipping for my box and I’m not seeing the value. I do love the idea of a Horror themed subscription box but I just don’t see how this box comes close to being worth $29.99. 

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  1. Yeah, I canceled my subscription with them a couple of months ago. I was increasingly disappointed with the contents of the blocks. The main reason I got the block was to get a t-shirt every month. But, the shirts fit good the first time, after the first wash though I didn't like the fit anymore. And you're right what's the point of including a t-shirt if the quality of it sucks.