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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé First Impressions and Review (and the Horror)

I splurged on myself and purchased the Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé. This was a huge purchase for me because it was $55.00 (eek) and my first Chanel purchase (everything else has been a gift). I have to say that I love the flowers pressed into the pan. Would it make me buy the blush if it were the only pro? No. 

I love this color it is a slightly flushed tone of pink. Very light and warm and while it looks shimmery in the pan the blush does not have a shimmer and sits with a satin finish on the cheeks. If you’re thinking of splurging on something from Chanel’s spring line and you have my skin tone - I really recommend this. 

I did this very natural look with the Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé on my cheeks (please ignore my baby hairs, they're growing back after chemo and are very unruly - smile)

Now here comes the bad part (for me).

See where that arrow is pointing? That was the beginning of my face reacting to the blush (sigh). See that lovely red spot on my face? This splotchy spot was the beginning of a very bad reaction to the Jardin de Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé. I didn’t notice the reaction when I took this photo (because I wasn’t looking for it and no glasses). I noticed it a bit later when I was trying to make my liquid eyeliner work. I didn’t see red splotchyness, what I noticed were tiny bumps that looked like pimples…(my look of surprise). 

I’m sad to say that I had to return the blush because while I love it I enjoy not having bad reactions on my face even more. I’m out looking for a dupe as we speak and if I find one I’ll let you know.

For the rest of my look I used:

Foundation: YSL Fusion Ink in Ivory
Brows: Serenity & Scott Brow Gel in Silver Fawn
Contour: Kat Von D Shade and Light (will have a full review soon)
Highlight: Benefit Watts Up
Lips: Dior Addict 551
Lip Liner: Lancome Le Lipstique Rougelle
Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin
Eye Shadow Pallet: Costal Scents Revealed 2
Eye Liner: Liquid Japanese brand that I’ve lost (laugh)
Eye liner: Marcn Jacobs Luna
Face Primer: Clinique Super Primer Colour Corrects Redness
Concealer: ITCosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Neutral Medium

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