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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beauty Video Rant


I can’t keep quiet any longer. I’ve been watching YouTube beauty videos a lot recently because as I get ready to put my own videos up, I wanted some good ideas/see what I like and don’t like. So, this is something I need to say – cut the shit out. 
  • I can tell that your video is sponsored. Hey that’s great but seriously don’t try to pretend it’s not. Who the hell stops in the middle of filming to say “My lips are dry. I am going to use my Chapstick. I love Chapstick and this new formula”. Are you serious right now? “I love to use Huggies wipes”. Really? Not just random makeup wipes? You use Huggies baby poop cleaning wipes for a makeup remover while you’re swatching some colourpop eye shadows (FYI Colourpop eye shadows are amazing - no lie)? 
  • If I see 10 videos about x product. I know one of two things happened. You got that shit for free or it’s sponsored. Don’t tell me you all of a sudden decided your teeth needed whitening. Unless… you and all your YouTube friends had a meeting – I mean that could happen... right? 
  • Are you seriously complaining that a subscription service is no longer sending you their box for free? Are you shitting me? I pay for my Boxycharm and since they’re in Florida I pay sales tax. Oh the horror! Be happy that they sent it to you in the first place and if you like it how about, now stay with me here, you subscribe? I know that might be a crazy idea but it is a business. 
  • I understand you’re a Christian. I’m a Christian too but if you can’t say NARS Orgasm blush then stop making videos. It’s a word. Jesus is not going to smite for saying Orgasm. If the word Orgasm is blowing your mind then you might need to take a shower after reading this blog. 
  • I’m watching your video because I want to see makeup. Yes you do need to fill up a little of the video with being yourself and chatting but I seriously don’t need to hear about your trip to the OB/GYN before you review the new Chanel Spring Collection. 
  • “This pallet is great. The colors are so pigmented and stay on for hours. I haven’t been able to use it yet but…” What? What did you just say? How do you know anything about this product if you haven’t personally tried it? I just can’t..
  • Don’t be mean to other beauty YouTuber’s. There is enough room for everyone. You look bad with ugly on.
  • Don’t do weightloss videos unless you’ve had a weight problem. I’m sorry but if you’ve weighed 120 lbs your whole life you have no idea how much of a struggle losing weight is.
  • Are you crying because you broke your pallet? (slow blink) I…
  • Please give me your real opinion. It doesn’t help me if you hate it but won’t say you hate it because you don’t want to be negative. Just don’t include those products in the video. It makes things easier that way. 

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