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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Clarisonic Opal (oh yes I got this too as a gift) Is it Worth it?

You received TWO Clarisonic gifts for Christmas? Why yes, yes I did (my Oma gives awesome gifts – and seriously check out the Dillard’s at the Seminole Towne Center in Sanford Florida). It was a Clarisonic Christmas at my house! However, the Opal is not a toothbrush for your eyes. What the Opal is an amazing device that gently (and fast) pats product (eye serum) around your eye area. You know how we pat our eye area with our ring feather for our product to absorb well? This is like a ring finger on steroids. 

No it’s not pounding into your face. The Opal has a silicone tip. You place product into this tip and then apply the product around your eye area. The Clarisonic Opal comes with an instruction guide. Read this instruction guide. Don’t get all excited and sonic your eyeball or anything - Beauty safety people! 

I’ve been using the Opal for about a month now but one caveat. I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes. I’ve been blessed by my parents and got lucky in the genetic pool. So I can’t speak to how/if it reduces eye wrinkles. I can say this though. My eyes have experienced a lifting effect from the Opal. I have hooded eyelids and they’re tighter now. My under eye discoloration has also reduced significantly. I experience no irritation using it around my eye area but it does tickle my nose sometimes (which makes me sneeze and laugh). 

This is Clarisonic's video on how to use the Opal if you would like to see how it's used correctly.

Note: The Opal comes with its own eye serum (the Anti-aging Sea Serum) but I have not used this serum. I’m particular about what I use on my face. So, for my Opal I rotate between Clinique’s All about Eyes and the Repairwear Anti-Gravity eye cream. 

I also use my Opal on a few other areas of my face. I use the Opal on the worry line that develops between my eyebrows and on my laugh and frown lines. I also have discoloration around my chin at the corners of my mouth that go down from the lower corner of my lips to about a quarter of the inch down. Now I do this myself. No one told me it was ok and Clarisonic doesn’t say you should do this. So, if you choose to do this and the skin on your face sloughs off (I that word) don’t blame me or Clarisonic. 

I haven’t been using the Opal on the areas I mentioned above for as long. However, I have already noticed a significant improvement in these areas. I am going to post an updated blog on the specific areas (brow, smile lines, frown lines, and discoloration) with photos in a few more weeks. I want to use the Opal on these areas for at least four weeks to see how much these areas have improved/not improved (but I can already see the change). Again, no irritation on these areas of my face either. 

The Opal is another Clarisonic product that I 100% feel is worth it. Clarisonic, you’re doing a great job with your products!

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