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Monday, December 8, 2014

Soothingsistat X Memebox Collaboration box #9 Unboxing and First Impressions. Spoilers!

This is my unboxing and first impressions of the Soothingsista x Memebox Collaboration #9. Let me tell you that I was so excited when I saw a preview of this box. I am going to use every one of these products and that’s pretty rare with a subscription box. You know how it goes, can’t please everyone all of the time and there are usually one or two products that I don’t want to use (or can’t use cause of ma face). For those of you who don’t know Memebox is a subscription box service that gives you between 5 – 8 full sized Korean Beauty products. Memebox is different from other subscription boxes because you don’t pay a monthly fee (and seriously it’s all KOREAN beauty) but choose and purchase specific boxes that you find interesting. The boxes are released periodically and range from twenty dollars to fifty dollars depending on the type of box it is. The higher end brands of skincare such as the IOPE boxes have been priced at the top of the range. Since the boxes are shipping from Korean you have to also pay shipping. You can either choose standard ($6.99 for me in the US) or express shipping ($13.99). It can take a long time to get your box if you order standard (up to 20 days). So please keep that in mind when ordering – smile.

Of course this blog is going to contain spoilers so if you don’t want to see what will be in your box please stop reading. 

Now on to ALL THE THINGS! 

This box contains 8 full sized products which are well worth the price of $26.99 for the box and shipping (I used a coupon code for 5 dollars off). 

I grabbed this first box like a giddy little girl. If you know me, you know I’m not the giddy type, but this product really makes me happy. This is the Revecen Blooming Collagentox Sleeping Water Pack 90ml. Do you want to know why I’m so excited? It has snail mucus extracts and bird nest extracts! It’s so gross but I’m so excited. 

Now I can hear the groans of disgust and I understand that this might be a bit much for some people, but the benefits of both snail mucus and bird nest has been touted in Asian culture for many years (centuries for bird nest). Ever hear of bird nest soup? Do a search I’ll wait (listening to Bruno Mars). 

Welcome back. The Blooming Collagentox Sleeping Water Pack is an overnight mask. There is no funky smell to this product (which was what I expected truth be told) and smells slightly of Verbena. You of course wash your face and then gently massage the product into the skin until the yellow capsules are fully absorbed (it has little tiny yellow specks in it). Then go to sleep and wash it off in the morning – easy enough. 

Out of my box popped the Tonymoly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm 30g in this really cute egg shaped packaging. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Tonymoly products and again am really excited to try it. This is a self-heating balm that opens up clogged pores with a blend of sulfur hot spring water and a heating agent (sounds odd – is it magic?).The egg contains white salt, charcoal powders, and egg yolk as well as calcium, minerals, acetic acid, amino acid and vitamins. Tonymoly may be familiar with some people Urban Outfitters carries the brand and there are also Tonymoly shops in NYC and California. 

This next product is a Shara Shara Miracle Capsule Cream 50ml. The cream is an anti-wrinkle moisturizer enriched with glacier water and nursing capsules (more capsules – maybe this is a capsules box) containing 24 kinds of oils. Pretty easy to use just put it on your skin – smile. The bear is cute but it kinda reminds me of something a tween would use. 

This serum is really very interesting to me. I’ve been going on a weird serum search as if I’m some kind of hero with a mission. I’m really not sure where this obsession is coming from but I digress… This is the Vicioni Super Aqua Soothing Serum 30ml. This serum has no carborner, no silicon, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It says it smells bad (I haven’t smelled it yet) because it’s all natural. If it smells anything like the dr. brandt glow, someone will be getting this as a gift – smile. As with any serum you put it on and wait for it to dry. They do say that it might take longer for the Vicioni serum to absorb into the skin because of the natural ingredients. Their suggestion is to pat it to help with absorption. 

Vivito Painting Matte Finish Lip Stick in Raspberry purple is what I opened up next from my box. I have never received a lipstick from any of my Memeboxes. I was interested to see how this lipstick smelled (yeah I’m also a crazy person that does not like intense smells) and the color. The smell is nice and I really like the color. I’m eager to use this later today.

The next product brand you also may be familiar with which is Etude House. Etude House has become an established brand in the US and is sold at Sephora. This is their Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence 20ml. What I’m really interested in seeing is how the sebum control powder works. I have two big pores on my nose (yeah seriously they wave at me, I think they’re a married couple) and I’m going to try this on those two little buggers and see what happens. 

Last but not least is the Dewytree Deep Detox Black Mask. It is only one mask and is considered a full sized product. This is a mask that is purported to clarify skin pores and rejuvenate dull skin with volcanic scoria clay from Jeju Island. It also contains charcoal powder, papaya extract, grapefruit extract, walnut shell powder, and centella asiatica extract. I have never used a mask because I’m a little worried that my skin will freak out. I will use this one soon but first I’m going to try my Benton Snail Bee. These two seem pretty soothing so I hope both work for me. 

I am really happy with this box. I almost can’t contain my excitement and I want to try all these products RIGHT NOW. However, I know that I can’t. I need to add these slowly because of my crazy angry face. So, as I slowly add these products to my skin care I will be giving updated reviews. Thank you for reading and remember that there will be a giveaway on my blog December 19th as part of a larger Korean Beauty Blog hop giveaway!

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