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Saturday, December 13, 2014

3b Subscription Box First Impression and Review

Wow, today I got a lot of stuff in the mail which included three Memebox boxes and this new beauty subscription from 3b. Since I don’t want to inundate you with 3 blogs in one day (oh but I am tempted) I have decided to do a quick first impressions on the 3b subscription service. 3b is a new subscription box service that focuses on Asian beauty products (think of it as a Birchbox but Asian beauty). For $12.00 a month you get a pouch (pouch in a box and its purple this month) which has 5 deluxe Asian beauty samples. You can find more information about them at http://the3bbox.com/

Now onto the box (pouch)! 

I didn’t realize what this was at first so I just ripped it open like the beast that I am. Because of that you don’t get to see the packing box. It really just was a plain cardboard post office box so nothing fancy. 

This also came with a nice little note address to me. Yes, my name is Genie. I have heard all the jokes, yes it’s spelled that way, no I can’t grant wishes, yes I like my name, and yes I’m half-Korean and named Genie.

First product is The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes – I’ve never used any cleansing wipes. Don’t judge me - I know I’m behind the times. This product claims to be a soft cleansing tissue that contains rosemary extracts along with healing herbs (I like when it’s that vague – what KIND of herbs Ye ol Face Shop? Hm?). I’m always very leery of new things that touch my face. Have you SEEN my face after a reaction to a product? If not take a look! It’s right over there (pointing). I’m going to have to spot test this before I even think about rubbing it on my crazy face and I’ll update you as soon as that happens. 

Next we have the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Kit – The kit contains 2 bottles of face stuff (technical term). The first (Freshener) is a toner and the second (Emulsion) is a moisturizer. The Moistfull Collagen kit supplies much needed collagen and hydration to your complexion as we head into colder months. Another brand I haven’t tried…you don’t know my life! I know it’s at Sephora and I guess what stopped me before was the fact that I was looking for things I couldn't find easily. Because…well who wants things to be convenient…? I think I have a problem.

This product I am very excited to try. This is the K-Palette 1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner – This product is full sized. It has a brush applicator and is waterproof. I’ve been on the hunt for liquid eyeliner that would go on well and stay on without flaking. My eyelids/eyes are anti-makeup. Before eye shadow primers I couldn’t even think about putting anything on around my eyes. Well I could have but the raccoon look is so last season. Now…will this flake? Will my eyes like it? Will my eyeballs burn and turn red? Wait for the update! 

The last product in my pouch is Nature Republic Nail Polish – this is also a full sized product. This nail polish is red-orange and I’m not sure about it – laugh. I haven’t tried it on but seriously, I wear orange nail polish, so this shouldn’t be a big shock to me (smile). 

So what do I think? I think this was a pretty good sample box for Asian beauty. This is a new box so I don’t know what the next few months will bring but so far it looks like it’s going to be a good subscription. If you want to check them out this is their website http://the3bbox.com/

Also, just so you know. I bought this box with my own money. I get nothing if you click on the link above. I always give an honest review and will never tell you something is good or worth it if I don’t believe it is.

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