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Friday, November 21, 2014

Migabee Verbena Cream, Memebox City Girl Product First Impressions

This is my first impression of the Migabee Verbena Cream. I was going to wait to try this cream but I decided to just go for it. I have dry, rosacea prone and reactive skin. If a face cream does not agree with me I can tell almost immediately. I think it’s the burning and sunburned look of my face that gives it away. I used this product this evening and I have a few opinions on it. 

The smell is very nice, is has a slightly floral smell but does not smell like perfume or an overpowering artificial smell. I’m very sensitive to crazy smells so this was a plus. It’s a very light moisturizer and I was not optimistic that it would actually hydrate my face. 

Here is a scary close up of my face. It’s angry (grr) because it’s cold out. Well, cold for Florida. My Dermatologist and I are working on this, and I have a feeling finding the right products for my face will also help. This is before washing (bathroom picture) of course. 

I don’t have an intense Kbeauty (Korean beauty for those that don’t know) skin routine yet. Like I said before, crazy skin (pointing at above photo), so I’m adding products sloooowwwwllly. I wash it now with my Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild. I’m not in love with it but my face doesn’t turn beet red, so I’m happy. 

The texture of the Migabee Cream very smooth and a little springy. As you can see it’s a very loose cream. If you’re looking for something thick to slather on, this is not the facial cream for you. I applied the cream and it actually does pretty good at hydrating. It also absorbed quickly and didn't leave a sticky oil slick on my face. The amount I had on my finger was enough for my entire face. and neck.

This is my face about a minute after I applied the cream. Notice no huge increase in redness and no reaction skin wise. I also didn't feel any burning or tingling when I put it on (something else that is common for me when the skin on my face hates what I put on it). You can also see that my face isn't shining. This cream absorbed very fast and there was no tugging feeling left (those that have had dry skin from water or face wash know what I'm talking about).

This is about 20 minutes later. Still no reaction and I am pretty happy with what I see. The moisturizer does its job well, there is not a strong scent, and my face seems ok with it. It does not leave my skin overly sticky or oily and I had no reason to worry about spots being dry. For my first impression I really like this. I'm not sure If it's going to get me to put down my Kiehl's though. We’ll see how the night progresses but so far so good.

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