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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Migabee, The Morning After (dramatic music)

As promised - my Migabee Verbena morning after photos. Yes I slept in. Ya know what? I would still be asleep if my dogs had not sat on my face and attacked me. I was up late last night trying to get some details worked out about a giveaway I’m planning. Then I got distracted and started watching “The Murder Station” aka The ID Channel (whispering investigate). It’s like crack for the eyes. Sorry, got distracted there... On to the photos! 

This is ma face after wearing the moisturizer for over 12 hours. As you can see I have no breakouts, my face is not red, and there is no irritation. My face is still hydrated and there are no dry or patchy spots this morning. This actually surprised me because, as I stated in last night’s blog, the moisturizer did not seem very thick. I really expected it to wear off overnight but to my delight it lasted. 

Overall I’m happy with the Migabee Verbena facial moisturizer and I think I’m going to rotate this in with my Kiehl’s Skin Rescue. I’m not saying this is a holy grail skin care product, that remains to be seen, but I am saying I like it and it should be safe to try (everyone is different of course) if you have dry, sensitive, and rosacea prone skin.

Overload of cuteness of dogs sitting on me (excuse the hot mess that I am in this photo). 

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