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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Memebox Superbox #75 City Girl. Spoilers

Ok (looking around) for those of you who don’t know - I am half-Korean. SHHHhhh keep it down! For some reason I was unware of how much the rest of the world loved Korean beauty products. So, I ordered a few boxes from Memebox (FYI it’s pronounced Me Me). Memebox is a beauty box service. Rather than them sending you boxes monthly they have theme boxes and you pick and choose, purchase the one you want, and then viola, it is shipped to you from Korea. The boxes (for the most part) are mysteries with spoilers announced from time-to-time. The price isn’t set and can vary from 20 – 30 dollars plus shipping depending on the box. I’ve seen some skincare boxes cost more than $30.00 so just make sure you pay attention the price. I just received my first Memebox and I am going to post a quick review of it. Of course this will contain spoilers so please don’t read any further if you want to be surprised! 

I have to admit that I squealed like a 12 year old when I got this box. I was on the phone with a friend of mine and she thought I had lost it. My excitement level was really over the top but I was really that happy to see the pink envelope – smile. My first box is Superbox #75 City Girl. 

As you can see my box is a little damaged (and of course finger placed so crazies can’t find me). To my delight none of the products were damaged (whew). 

First product is the Mizon Oh! Shy Gorgeous On Liquid Cheek. This is a full sized product and retails for $15.00. This is a light-reflecting blush and lip liquid. I swatched this color on my hand and as you can see it gives a nice rosy glow to my skintone. I’m really excited about this because, if you have read my Boxycharm review, you’ll know that I’ve been in the market for blush. Perfect timing! 

I then pulled out this primer. This is the Shara Shara Dew Veil Primer balm. It is a full sized product and retails for $13.00. The formula is based on avocado oil – rich in vitamin, iron, and niacin. It neutralizes skin tone, soothes dry patches creating a flawless canvas for makeup application. (I hope you guys know I’m taking these blurbs from the information card… I don’t talk like this). Love the packaging (yeah I said it – don’t judge me – laughing). It has to have a SPF in it because it smells like it does. For those that have used products with sunscreen you’ll know what I mean. I have makeup on already today so I haven’t tried it on but I did put a little on my hand. It has a smooth consistency but doesn't seem as smooth as my Urban Decay Primer potion. I’ll let you know how it works after I use it as my primer. 

Now we come to a moisturizer and I really am excited to try this. I have dry rosacea prone skin (can we make this a new word? Drosacea maybe?) and I am super excited to try Korean products on my skin. The Migabee Verbean Cream is full sized and retails for $29.00. Migabee Verbean Cream is a nourishing night cream and a daily moisturizer. This cream promises a supple silky smooth complexion. It’s formulated with a blend of shea butter, peptide complex and natural moisturizing factors. It improves skin elasticity and strengthens skin’s innate ability to maintain moisture. I haven’t opened this yet. I’m not ready to use it so I don’t want the product to degrade by exposing it to the environment. I’ll start using it in about a week. I will 100% report back on how this works. 

This is the original raw Multi Pigment – I am Designer set in Star Orange, Star Beige, and Star Pink. This is a full sized product and retails for $42.00. The product claims you can kiss bulky makeup bags goodbye. The card states the Multi Pigment set can do everything from eye makeup, to lip and cheek makeup. The creams are enriched with amethyst, sunflower seed oil, pearl powder, and ruby powder. Who doesn’t want RUBY powder on their face? I am going to have fun with these. I feel like a mad scientist when I mix pigments and I cannot wait to try these. 

Last but the product that I am most excited about, is this Migabee Pure Berry Oil Soap Honey - full sized retail vale $29.00. This is an all your parts liquid wash. Hair, face, body, feet, toes, fingers, bum, and all other parts wash. Migabee Pure Berry Oil Soap Honey contains saponin complex for creating soft, creamy bubbles which soothe and hydrate sensitive skin while deep cleansing. The Honey blend is made with bee venom (YES BEE VEONOM!), honey, propolis, and acai extracts. The bee venom is what makes me happy and excited. I’ve read a lot about bee venom in Korean beauty products and how it can help with sensitive skin. Since I have drosacea (is it catching on?) I’m all about helping my sensitive skin. I will try this in my next shower. 

I paid $27.99 for this box with shipping. I really enjoy this box and I think it was worth the price and then some. I have a handful of other boxes coming in the next few months. I’ll be sure to review those and update you on if I loved or hated these products. 


  1. This was my first box, I got that and the foot therapy as a value set. Both boxes were fantastic and I love the Migabee Oilsoap and the raw pigments. So much fun!!!

  2. Oh and the Oh!Shy! blush is lovely, I use on cheeks and lips. Very pretty

  3. I was just as excited as you were when my box first arrived. The ladies at the post office thought I was nuts! But getting these boxes is amazing! I actually sort of wish I`d gone for this box as all the reviews I've seen have been pretty positive. #kbeautybloghop

  4. I love the fun tone of your reviews! Had a blast reading it! It's so exciting that this was your first box! I miss the days when Memebox was this wonderful new world to me, LOL. I've been getting them since the very first one! I had mixed feelings on this box myself, but I am obsessed with the Migabee line of products, so I was thrilled to see 2 things from them in here! The Verbena cream is lovely, I hope it works well on your skin! I also can't believe how pigmented that Mizon blush is...it really packs a punch! It looks beautiful on your skin tone!
    Thanks for sharing this on the #kbeautyblog hop! Come back and share more next week! :D