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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exercising, Rosacea, and Moisturizer

I have rosacea, which is this lovely "look my face looks and feels on fire" problem that some people have. I have medicine for it and it works out pretty well...usually. I had a flare up this past Saturday. The only thing I can think of that set it off was the fact that after almost two years I walked outside with my friend on our (use to be weekly) 5 mile walk. The great thing is I was able to do it (people cheering) the bad thing is my face was on fire after. Literally. OK, not literally. 

I usually use Korres Oak Night Cream to moisturize my face. I have crazy dry skin and this usually knocks it right out. The rosacea made my skin very dry and patchy this time. It really burned and I started to research moisturizers online. Goggle is amazing - I have no idea what people use to do before the interwebs. 

Fast forward to a few hours later (those youtube video reviews can grab my attention like a sparkly bauble or a squirrel to a dog). There were a lot of reviews and a lot of information. I found a lot of reviews about Dermalogica Barrier Repair. 

This photo is deceptive this is a VERY SMALL tube for $44.00. Yes $44.00 american money. My only consolation as I was buying this was the fact that I could bring it back. That's one of the good things about buying expensive products, they'll take it back. I will not be taking it back. I used it for the first time last night and I cannot explain to all of you how silky smooth my face feels. 

The product itself feels like a silicone based primer and I didn't think it would add very much moister to me but my face felt smooth! The very dry patches were still there  last night but I had high hopes. I was not disappointed. 

This morning the dry patches were gone. Yes, in less then 24 hours the dry patches on my face were all healed. I was shocked. This product really does work. My face did not burn at all today and I can tell that the redness is going away. My only complaint is that this does not have a SPF in it. I'm going to have to buy a separate sunscreen/moisturizer but I think this barrier repair was worth the money I spent on it. Dermalogica has a customer for life!

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