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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Return to Clean Eating

I recently started eating clean again after a long headlong swan dive into eating garbage. This started when I was hospitalized a year and a half ago. My white blood cell count (my immune system) was so low I couldn't eat anything fresh. I couldn't even have fresh flowers in my room. The technical name for this is neutropenic. 

As we all know, hospital food isn't great to begin with. Now that my diet was even more limited by my eating restrictions it was horrendous. I believe I ate eggs for a month straight - horrible, nasty, rubbery, hospital eggs. After I was released I still had months of chemo. This lovely chemo did a few things, killed my cancer (yay) and made meat taste like dog food, Alpo dog food to be exact. How do I know this? Hey, I was a kid and grew up with two German Shepherds, you figure it out (smile). I ate what I could. I craved cucumbers and tomatoes, man I could have eaten a whole field of them, but surprisingly enough, you can't live off of cucumbers and tomatoes. So, I ate a lot of crap. Anything I could stomach really. 

Once my chemo was finished and I was declared in remission (Feb 21 baby!), my ability to taste food slowly started to come back. Now when I say slowly, I mean at a painfully frustrating pace that would test Korean baby Jesus himself. I decided in September that I could try to eat clean again. It wasn't until September that I could stomach meat without thinking of Alpo (laugh).  

I was following the paleo diet before my cancer diagnosis and I'm back to that. I have to tell you I feel so much better. Not only do I just feel better with the clean diet but my blood sugar, which went insane with the chemo, has corrected itself. Needless to say I will eat as clean as I can from now on. 

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