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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whole30 WOW

No, I haven't started my Whole30 yet. I'm in the process of getting foods out of my house that will tempt me or are not Whole30 approved. My house isn't full of a lot of garbage food (some but not a lot) but let me tell you that Whole30 is really strict. I understand the basic premise behind it. How do you know it's affecting you if you don't take them out of your diet. This is also Paleo so no grains or wheat etc.

I agree with all this but I'm half-Korean (as you can tell from the title of the blog, I hope) and my mother is not paleo (smile). This means that I have traps all all over the place. I don't miss any of it except soy sauce. I love soy sauce. There are also hidden traps all over the house. My mom will add random things to food without me knowing. For example I made a soup today and while I was eating it I noticed corn. Not a lot of corn but corn. I need to really look at my food from now on (smile).

Because of this I still am not on Whole30. I will clean out the rest of the house tomorrow and then protect my food as much as possible (smile). 

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