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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Half Dark Side

Well, I took a step closer to the dark side yesterday "Luke I am not your father but maybe a closely related cousin". I bought a MacBook Air. Oh yes I said it! I also have a new PC gaming laptop (hence half). I must say that this little thing is amazing. I am blogging from it right now! Ok, well depending on when you read this I may or may not be using it to blog.

This is going to help me with travel and taking my work with me. Since I have MS I have fatigue very badly. When I travel I try to keep things as light as possible so I don't exhaust myself. When I'm traveling for work and I have not only a carry on but a heavy laptop and a phone, purse, paperwork, documents, and other little things like a phone charger (I don't trust any electronics in checked baggage), keeping things light isn't always as doable as it sounds.

This wonderful little addition to my life is going to help me keep things light and mobil. I'm actually traveling next week so we will see my plan in action. As for the gaming laptop (smile) well that is a topic for a different post. 

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