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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have Multiple Sclerosis – And I Feel Fine (most days)

I am in a reflective mood today. At this moment I am sick, very sick as faith may have it. I am not dying and I am not in some tragic French art film. My MS just exploded and it got its nastiness all over me. The nastiness I hard to get out of your hair and you should see my curtains!

I have had an intense amount of stress since August. A job that sucked my life away from me leads me to get a new job (yay). I loved this new job and my stress level was going down, but now with a merger, layoffs, and frustrated bosses taking their stress out with yelling, my awesome MS bubble popped.

I picture it like a water balloon dangling over my head and then one day the weight is so much it just explodes. Eye jumping, pain, muscle spasms, and fatigue came with this little explosion. I’m not having new symptoms so it’s probably not a flare. My doctor agrees that the intense amount of stress I have been under has probably caused my body to finally call uncle.

Do you know what though? I’m ok with that. I’m not mad, upset, or emotionally losing it. I think this is because I have an awesome support system with some awesome friends and that I have my soul back. I feel yucky and I want to sleep all the time which could be the fatigue but probably also the muscle relaxers, but I am good.

Maybe next week I’ll be annoyed or sad that I’m sick again but maybe not. I really enjoy my life and the challenges I face with it. If I didn't have things happening in my life it would be rather boring now wouldn’t it (smile)?

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