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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Dog is a Stalker

I have a very cute dog named Kobe.

This is Kobe (on the left) and his brother Ben (on the right).

They're both boxers and really great dogs. However, I notice lately that Kobe has become a stalker. Yes, a stalker. I saw some signs, where he would sit and stare at me but he was just sitting in the middle of the living room, out in the open, nothing odd about that. 

Then slowly I noticed that I'd be speaking to my mother or on the phone and he would be just around the corner of a doorway. I usually noticed this because I would trip over him. I noticed his doorway sneaking more because it became hiding just behind the corner or doorway and having one eye out to stare at me. As soon as he noticed me he'd either back up so I couldn't see him or run to me very puppy like. 

Now I notice that he does it a lot, behind doorways, the kitchen counter, the kitchen island, planter boxes beds, the sofa... The sofa is the weirdest one where you just see his eyes and the top of his head. Then when he sees you he slowly lowers his head. 

I'm not sure what he's looking at or why but I'm going to say it's some kind of silly dog game, and not a plan to take my life. 

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  1. understanding that to boxers....they are NOT your dogs....you are their person....much the same as secret service allowing the president leeway kobe & ben are 24/7 there to protect....while away they guard your stuff and they check the doors and windows while you sleep....even the being silly that boxers do is merely playing it cool while they survey the perimeter.....