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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Foot + Plate = Pain

I wanted to make myself a snack and I decided some sliced tomatoes with some salt would be perfect. Happily I get my last tomato thinking about how delicious it's going to be. So here I am innocently cutting my tomato when the plate tried to commit suicide (or I had the plate to close to the edge of the counter)  and jumped off the counter. It didn't smash on the floor, thank goodness, but edge of the plate fell perfect on the top of my foot. It hurt like crazy but what I was most upset about was the loss of my tomato (sad face). It was my last one and now I had no snack.

Well, my foot hurt a bit but it went away pretty fast. I figure eh it's fine. Well today when I was going to go for my morning jaunt with the puppies my foot was bothering me. I look and BAM huge bruise and painful to the touch. So, my mother is jaunting with the dogs and I have an ice bag on my foot.

All of this and I still didn't get to eat my tomato (pout). 

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