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Friday, April 5, 2013

MS Annoyances or ARGH MY ARM

My arm hurts and it's annoying me today. I know it's from a muscle spams and I'm doing some stretching exercises to work out the kinks. To be honest I do these stretches all the time. It helps keep my spasms at bay which keeps me out of pain. For those that didn't know, at the end of January I had a MS meltdown and my right arm was in so much pain I couldn't move it. It's better now but it still decides that it needs to remind me of the invisible knife it can stab into my rotator cuff.

This is a rotator cuff. My shoulder likes to stab my subscapularis (big word) as if it were a home invader. This pain radiates into my bicep and everything else in my upper arm/shoulder.

As you could probably guess this means my ability to do things like type, drive a car, and just to move is severely inhibited. My spasms seem to be pretty isolated to my shoulders and feet. To be honest, maybe I just notice them because my shoulders and feet are the places that hurt. Maybe I am just spasm ridden!

When my muscles bug my shoulders I just want someone to do this to me. It looks painful but honestly it's not. My Physical Therapist touched my shoulders once and goes "DO YOU FEEL THAT?" I said "Uh huh" it was a lump - I thought it was just my muscle well I was partially right. "That is a LUMP you're not supposed to have that!". My muscle was knotted up into a tight ball. Previously I muscle knots were just a term for a tight muscle but boy I was wrong!

So today I have made an appointment to see my massage therapist and I am going to keep on stretching. Such is the life of the MS person. At least I get massages out of it (smile). 

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