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Thursday, April 4, 2013

He's a Pepper She's a Pepper

I have grown lots of things in gardens as a child. Tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, an okra. A slew of other things thing that we don't need to list here. I however have never grown bell peppers. I didn't even know what or where the peppers were going to come from. Until I googled it that is (yay for google). I am proud to announce that my bell pepper plant has sprouted a flower! 

Making it's first appearance on my blog. This is flower the future of bell peppers! I am so excited I could shit a kitten. Which probably speaks to my mental health but ya know everyone has to be excited about something. 

My tomato plants are also doing famously well! This is a mass of flowers on my Roma...I think. I'm beginning to suspect that the seeds were mislabeled. We will see however as soon as the fruits start to grow (smile).

My third planter box will be built in the near future. I'm trying to find some reclaimed wood but I think I'm going to strike out. That means I will buy more lumber soon. I'm not in a rush for the new box because I need to get my seedlings to grow. I only intended to grow two beds but I've got the bug. So here are the next generation of plants happily germinating in my kitchen. 

The gardening has been fun and has an added benefit of being therapeutic for me. When I an out there working with my plants nothing enters my mind. It's working as an active meditation, reducing my stress levels. This helps my MS of course and it seems like some of my massive symptoms are slowly subsiding. At least it seems my leg is not as weak as it was. 

To end this blog - Kobe

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