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Friday, April 5, 2013

Huston We Have Seedlings!

Well I planted some seeds into peat pots earlier this week. Here they are.

I ordered these seeds from Burpee online and I was a bit leery of doing so. If they didn't germinate what was I going to do? I didn't have to worry because today this is what I saw! 

These are Kale. They are also fuzzy. I had no idea Kale seedlings were fuzzy (laugh). OK  yes, I'm a dork don't judge! 

These are my regular radishes. It looks as if every seed I put in here germinated! I will be transferring them very soon into their own pots so they all have a good start. 

These guys are my Watermelon Radishes. They're heirloom seeds and I am very excited to see them growing! 

Overall and amazing start with these seeds! It only took four days to germinate these specific plants I am amazed and ecstatic. I want to see if tomorrow I have a surprise in the other pots (smile). 

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