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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is Love - Revisited

I've asked this question before but I want to revisit it today. As you grow up you have a pretty set idea about love. I know I did. As I've gotten older this view of love has changed. In the past year I've revisited the topic introspectively and I've made a few conclusions.

Love doesn't give a shit - Love comes at you from the wrong places, when you least expect it, but maybe, when you need it the most.

Love hurts - Not just a little hurt but bawl your eyes out want to die hurt. If you don't get upset you were never in love with that person. There is no perfect love where nothing goes wrong. If you don't hurt sometimes you're not really in love.

Love can overcome anything - No matter how shitty you feel about yourself or how you feel that no one wants you. There is love out there for you. Having MS is a biggie and when someone can overlook major things like that, love is there.

Love is about someone taking your shit (and you taking theirs) - Everyone's got shit. You can't be an adult and not have SOME type of shit. You find that person that makes laser gun noises when he sleeps or clucks like a chicken while he's taking a poop, and he's crazy, but he's your crazy. If everything about him bothers you, or when you do something crazy he dismisses you and ignores you, there is no love there.

Love makes you Jealous - Now I'm not talking about find a person and cut their tires, as you key your name into their door panel. I'm talking about that "That's MINE." feeling you have when someone looks at your guy or girl.

Love annoys other people - Others who want what you have will act differently. It's an odd experience.

Love is one of the most horrible experiences in life but is also one of the most amazing.


  1. Gee...I dunno Genie! Should love hurt, be possesive and horrible? I think not, but everyone has their own views. I think the most important factor is respect for one another, if you have that, the rest is easy.

    And, if Hubber's clucked like a chicken when he pooped...I'd have to send him to the farm...hee hee.

  2. Karen - It hurts sometimes (smile). Nothing is perfect. I'm not talking about horrible blatant nastiness but the person you love is going to hurt you or make you mad at some point.

    Melissa - That is for my other blog "Half-Korean girl with Chicken Love" lol (wink)