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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Half-Korean Cavegirl Who Didn't Sleep

So today I started the leptin reset. You can read about it at Dr. Kruse's website Leptin Reset. I had a huge breakfast of bacon and eggs. I really couldn't eat it all but I needed to get the protein in.

I've decided to do this because I've always had huge fluctuations in weight. For example in one day I can gain 10 lbs of water weight. I'm thinking that the reset can help me with that. If it doesn't then I'll go back to just paleo (smile). No, I'm not crazy but I need to find a way to get under the weight I seem to be stuck with. Between MS, insulin resistance, my new fun breathing problem, and other issues, I need to get to a healthy weight!

Yes even with running I struggle with weight. So something has to give, and if that means I have to eat 6 thousand eggs every morning so be it. lol

I also had a sleep study last night (hence the no sleep - pointing up). Yeah... that was a blast. The sleep tech was horrible. I'd had one previously and she was amazing. This was my follow up and I got to wear a very sexy mask this time (laugh). The woman tried to command me to go to bed and how to sleep i.e., don't move until 1:30am, shut the TV off etc. So.....how do you expect me to sleep normally? She annoyed me more then anything which kept me up longer then if she would have just shut the hell up and let me sleep.

Well, it's time to go to the farmers market! 

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