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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

I am a huge believer that fad diets don't work. I also don't believe all of the hype that surrounds the touted MS diets i.e., stay away from gluten because it inflames you! This makes me picture very angry swollen organs and blood vessels stomping around inside my body, looking pissed off.

The main gist of this is to avoid grains because our ancestors (cavemen) did not eat grains. They were meat and veggies. I'm not sure how they explain Asians (pointing at my mom) and how they're not all inflamed (grrr angry artery) and suffering from celiacs disease, but I digress.

I personally have always eaten low carb. I actually don't even know if what I do is technically low carb or if I eat correctly compared to the majority of Americans. I think the problem with most of western culture is that we eat in excess. This could lead to a tirade about entitlement and how we feel that excess is the norm but that is for another blog post.

I've been reading about the Paleo diet recently and while I don't agree with a lot of it's claims and statements. I will say I've come away with a desire to change a few things about how I eat.

  • I'm making the switch to totally grass fed meats, free range chicken, and wild caught fish.
Free Range Eggs ooooo ahhhh

This makes more sense to me. I've done this off and on but I've never fully committed to it. I've been eating this for the past month and in all honesty - it tastes better (I'll talk about cost in a bit). It's also a healthier way for the animals to be raised. 

  • I'm staying away from Dairy. 
This is more of a me thing. I'm a bit lactose intolerant and I should have been doing this previously. I will eat some dairy for example in my coffee, and Greek yogurt is yummy and doesn't upset my tummy. However, I'm going to stay away from milk in general. 

  • Limiting grains.

Again this is more of a me thing. I have blood sugar issues and the carbs are just not worth it. I could never not eat rice EVER AGAIN but that might be the only grain I do eat. This is also a me thing. I don't think grain is making my arteries angry but for me it will help my blood sugar.

  • More veggies! 
I've never eaten enough veggies but I've been going to the local farmers market and I've rediscovered vegetables. The veggies you get at the store have no taste to me. I thought it meant that I was just not fond of vegetables. After eating more farmers market fare I've realized that that is not the case. It's also really upped my cooking. I love to cook and fresh makes everything taste so much better!

  • Eat more fat!
I never eat margarine. I don't get it and I never will. I did however limit how much fat I was ingesting. I am now going to slowly add more fat to my diet. For example, yogurt is a great recovery food for runners but not the low fat kind. They don't know why exactly but the low or no fat yogurt does not help the body as much as the whole fat versions post run. I'm not going to slather everything in butter and lard but I am going to eat healthy fats. Nut fats, avocado, and ghee (clarified butter) are all on my list!

Now, I know everyone is thinking "That's awesome nut job but you're going to be broke!" and to them I say "pshaw". In all honesty the cost of meats are not that much higher then what you're paying for in the grocery store. One of the best quotes I've heard regarding this from a young kid. I'm sorry that I don't remember his name but he's young and is passionate about whole living (I will find his name). 

When asked this question his response was something to the effect of "Pay for it now or pay for it later with medical co-pays". I agree. 

This also goes back to the whole "eating to much" issue we seem to have. For example right now at Whole Foods ground beef is 4.99 a lb. and wild caught salmon is 9.99 a lb. The prices seem pretty comparable to me. The ground beef costs less right now then at my local Publix. You don't need 8 lbs of ground beef! So, now get some veggies and call it a day! 

So, in reality I am doing a Paleo diet. Lets see how it makes me feel and how my blood sugar reacts. Yeah this means you guys will have to listen to me talk about it (big smile).

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