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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Ayes Have it.

Here's a story about MY last two days.

Tuesday I realize that I can't see so well. I was looking at nutritional labels and had to hold the can of tomatoes at arms like - as if I had presbyopia. Funny in January I didn't need bifocals.

Wed. I go to work and the eyes seem to be worse. Well shit. I call my doctor and get appointments and freak out. I have MS so I'm thinking "Well shit I guess I'm going to lose my sight for awhile. YAY!".

I go get an MRI testing blah blah blah. I went to my old eye doctor and he says nope nothing wrong. I go to a neuro-opthamologist today and get poked and prodded. She's then like...let me see your prescription. She does an exam, looks at my glasses, gets my old records faxed from my eye doctor, and....My eyes are better then they were. *blink blink*.

Let me restate that. My vision is BETTER then it was three months ago. Now...I've been running and training seriously lately. As well as eating much better (Paleo all the way!) but...there is no reason my eyes should have that much improvement.

We can't figure out why that would be the case but we're going to chalk it up to "We found it so we can fix it and you don't have optic neuritis" (bad thing with the optic nerve lots of ow ow and going blind for a bit).

I'm...happy(?) that my eyes are better but a little confused (shrug).

Yay for random things that happen to me!

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