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Sunday, June 6, 2010

White people are crazy

I guess that's a little racist to say huh? Well, in my defense, I do say other ethnic groups are crazy too. However, white people hold a special place in my heart (I'm also half white so I can say these things).

I'm awake way to late tonight watching TV and as I flip through the channels I see a show called "Expedition Great White". Now, I like to learn about animals and great white sharks are interesting.

This show is just a bunch of crazy white guys in a boat CATCHING great white's. Not just tagging them but physically catching them and dragging them onto their boat. Then they DRILL into the shark and take DNA. While this is going on, the the shark is thrashing and throwing the crazy white guys around the deck like rag dolls.

Then, the crazy white guys start talking about the sharks sperm and showing each other where the sperm comes from...

I don't see any Korean, Ugandan, Dominican, Spanish, or any other race on this boat. What is wrong with people?

Oh no...(it's still on) they have named this shark Flipkin...OK, I'm done. There really is nothing more to say at this point.


  1. Amazing what they will do in the name of science isn't it?!!!

  2. Yeah, like naming poor sharks "Flipkin". ;)