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Friday, June 11, 2010

Put some clothes on!

I wonder when running clothes cross the line from OK to really not OK. Florida is hot very hot and humid and I had to buy new workout clothes because it's summer. Now, I'm a pretty conservative girl and while I understand the need to stay cool - what is it about working out that makes people think it's OK for me to be able to see everything God gave you? Do you dress like this when you're not working out? I wear shorts and a sleeveless workout top. I consider it a smedium (Where you can see your midriff almost) If you're going to wear less then that why not just go in your sports bra and some underwear? Are you trying to pick someone up in the neighborhood? I mean that would explain why the neighbor down the street is following me around. Maybe he thinks all girls that run around this neighborhood are looking for a quick hook up.

Also, are you actually running? Because I think I lapped you four times and I'm slow. I don't think you lapped me because, unless you're going faster then the speed of light and I can't see you, you didn't move.

Don't they have pick up gym's for this type of stuff? I'm sure there is a Bally's or a good meat market LA Fitness around.

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