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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A plan is born!

I went on my five mile walk tonight with a good girlfriend of mine. It's a good break from running and strength training. Random things always happen when we're together and it's become a running joke with us. A few examples:

We found a Louis Vuiton Wallet
A random Korean kid had to give us his food recommendations at Bento's
A man beat a wall at a movie theater
A small child stole my pop corn
We scare fire fighters
Men try to pick us up after walking four miles looking a mess
Strangers go on long diatribes about the show LOST with my friend and ask me to leave because I haven't see it yet
etc etc etc

Tonight another random thing happened. We walk down a major road to a mall for these excursions. We get exercise and we get tea at Barnes and Noble after. Works out well. This is a developed area with a lot of traffic. As we're walking we hear a car slam on the brakes directly behind us. I spin around to see what had happened. What do I see? Not a fender bender or an car accident nearly avoided. I see a pig scrambling to get to it's feet because a car scared it so bad it fell. Yes, I said a pig. With two of it's little piggy friends running like hell to get away. It scrambled to get to it's feet, got up, and ran the opposite direction of it's friends. I look at my friend she looks at me, we look back at the pigs, we look at each other again, back at the pigs.

"Is that a...?"
"Yeah it's a pig."
"I was going to say because I thought I'd clear that up in case I was hallucinating"
"No, you're not."

Did I say pig? I meant wild boar. These things were not little cute pink escaped piggies. They were black wild boar. Where...WHERE next to a mall a huge golf course and many homes do wild pigs live? Why are there wild pigs in Florida?

My friend and I have now come up with a way to make money. When I move to Seattle her and I are going to hike together a lot. We're going to bring my High Def movie camera and when bigfoot shows up, because if we're together it will show up, we're going to video tape him and sell that tape!!!

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