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Friday, June 4, 2010

For the run of it all

Because today is my rest day from exercising (Yes, I’m resting Simon!) I’m thinking about running. I started running seriously again in January after not running for six months after my MS diagnosis. I was scared! My friend even talked to me on the phone the first time I went walking after I got sick! He knows who he is and he knows I thank him for that!

Well I decided I’m going to do the Boston Marathon in April 2011 for charity (who needs to actually qualify when you have charity mwhahahahaah). So, in January I started really running and it’s become a bit of an obsession.

For instance right now I want to run. I want to put on my sneakers and go. I also realize I need a rest day and that is today. It has to be today because I’m doing five miles on both Saturday and Sunday. TODAY HAS TO BE A REST DAY! However, my body does want to listen and I find myself walking up to my sneakers and looking at them. I then think to myself

“Self, why are we standing in the hallway looking at our sneakers?”
“Because we’re going for a run.” (Yes, I hear voices go with it).
“No, today is a rest day.”
“I don’t want to rest.”
“But we have to rest or we’ll end up sick.”
“We have to run.”

And I then walk away from the shoes to major protests from my inner voice. I think this might qualify me as suffering from some sort of addiction. I suppose a running addiction isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things.

So, I will fight with my inner voice and keep myself from tying my sneakers and going for a run. If I want to be healthy for April I need to take my training slowly and not hurt myself. This makes sense intellectually but that little runner inside me, who finds this so addictive, is not happy.

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