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Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP is going to ruin our Florida beaches! Haven't we been doing that?

Yes, BP oil is the devil and it's going to kill all of the shellfish, fish, sea life, manatees, sea turtles, plants, economy, and ruin peoples lively hoods. It's a horrible tragedy which was no ones fault (because it was an accident right?) but that little "acoustic switch" (it's a boring explanation about what it is) that is a required safety feature in the North Sea, could have prevented all of this. Why would we require something like that in an area of the United States which provides 40% of the seafood for the lower 48 states? Thank you politicians for making that safety feature an optional device in order to promote industry! Capitalism at it's best people! Right?

I do like how everyone is so worked up in Florida about our beaches. I've lived here most of my life and people leave their trash, cars, tires, and booze bottles on the beach. If people are so concerned about our beaches and our environment, why do they feel it's OK to trash our natural resources unless it's a multimillion dollar disaster?

For example Daytona beach, one of the most popular beaches here in Florida, (The Daytona 500, bike week, etc) allows people to drive and park on the beach itself. The oil, gas, and other chemicals leaching out of the cars into the sand happens 365 days a week. Are we supposed to believe that those chemicals do not hurt the environment and the natural wildlife in the area?

Call me crazy, but maybe if we held people accountable, didn't let politicians and corporations run wild on our "American way of Capitalism" line people like to throw around, and cared about our world during the good times as much as we do in a time of disaster. Just maybe, we could limit these types of disasters, respond to them better, and help our fellow man.

Just a thought...

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