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Friday, March 22, 2013

Rise My Minions RISE!

I am excited to report that my raised bed veggie garden has been planted! It has been a long time coming and it actually got down to 40 the other day. The veggies don't seem to care and because they don't I don't! Here it is!

What your seeing here are tomatoes (back and to the right), cucumbers (to the left), and bell peppers (Three varieties). The empty looking space actually has spinach directly sowed. Which means I put the seeds directly into the earth.

I am in love with my planter and with the help of some of my friends this is what I got! It's hand made and holds 16 cubic feet of dirt. FYI that's a lot of dirt and cow manure stinks. A lot and it's disconcerting when the bag is like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WEAR GLOVES.

My mother decided she wanted to plant some chives and scallions. What this means is that my mother threw a bunch of seeds all over the planter (sigh). So I might have random seeds sprouting.
This is Kobe looking very confused. He and Ben were very unhappy when they were not allowed outside while this was being built. Also they wanted to know what all that banging was about.
This is my answer to organic bug deterrent  The netting seems to be doing it's job and I don't have to spray pesticides  That black thing is a shepherds hook with a hose. This moves daily because my mother wants to try to drive me crazy.

So far so good! I'm going to build a second planter in the next couple of weeks. I'll also be taking photos of my plants as they grow!

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