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Friday, March 29, 2013

My Dirty Little Secret

I like to watch these silly paranormal reality shows. Ghost hunting, bigfoot, and all kinds of other silly things. Yeah yeah I know, don't judge me. I was watching this show called Stranded the other day. The premise of this show is that they pick people and lock them in a reportedly "Haunted" location.

With that one sentence you know the premise right? You understand that in this place, the one that you're going to be locked in for the next seven days, might be haunted right? This means, for those that may not understand, is that at times maybe something scary will happen. I'd also hazard a guess that the producers are looking to get some reactions and 'might' try to make scary stuff happen. (holding up hands) I'm sure your show would never do that I'm just talking about that other paranormal show (cough). We all get that we're not trying out for X Factor right? Good.

This particular episode featured a woman, her boyfriend, and their male friend.

Please recall that this is a haunted  house reality show.

OK, are we all on the same page? Good. So, these three people get locked in this "haunted house" on the show. One night they're going to go "investigate" except the girl is sitting on the sofa in the living room whining and fake crying. Like an angry 2 year old who hasn't had a nap, has parents that can't set good boundaries, and has had to much sugar.

"I'm scared" (points at the last sentence of the first paragraph). You have not signed up for Happy Time in Puppy Land. "No I don't want to investigate I heard a noise." at which point her boyfriend said "Well we're going to go look over here because we heard a growl." "Guuuuyyysssss Guyyyyssss Nooooo GuIIIIIIIISSSSS Don't leave me!" and then she said some other stuff but all I heard was this high pitched noise and my ears began to bleed.

I can't stand woman who act like total fools. If you don't want to see the ghost don't go on the show that locks you in a HAUNTED HOUSE for a week. This plays into the helpless female who needs a guy to rescue her male fantasy. How about you put your big girl panties on and walk into the dark room and YOU find out what that growl is? Maybe it's just an angry Koala that needs some eucalyptus. Just go, it might be freeing. 

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